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Neoprene accessories for fly fishing, duck shooting and tramping

The cushioning and waterproof qualities of neoprene make it ideal for a wide range of outdoor accessories. Suitable for fly fishing, Hunting, duck shooting and tramping.

Neoprene gaiters for tramping or hunting

Produced in 3mm or 5mm neoprene. Firm, comfortable fit – one size fits all. You can choose from two styles: Pull on with or without zip. Buckle with strap under boot.

Green, Black, Camouflage.

Fishing reel covers

Protect your reel from corrosion when it’s not in use. Available in 3mm neoprene, with Velcro closure.

Green, Black, Camouflage.

Line retainers

Protect your line on the reel when it’s not in use. Available in 3mm neoprene.

Black, Green, Blue.

Arm protectors

A firm fitting sleeve providing protection from wrist to elbow. Available in 3mm or 5mm neoprene

Black, Green, Orange

Suitable for a range of Industrial Applications

Knee protectors

Strong neoprene fabric with velero straps for easy fitting

One size fits all

Protection for knees on all hard surfaces

Green, Black

Wader belt

Black -50mm Wide

Small – Medium – Large

Adjustable Length

Suppressor covers

Produced in 1mm, 2mm or 3mm Thickness

Black, Green, Camouflage.

This product is made to customer specifications.