Orders can be received via Email- dschofield@magnumnz.co.nz, Telephone – 09 5277 – 009 or Fax 09 5277 – 001


Custom made

Get your waders custom made

If you have problems finding waders that fit perfectly, get your waders “custom made”.

Measuring instruction

DO NOT Measure yourself, Wear light clothing eg. Trousers and T-shirt or Light Top. We allow for extra clothing.

Custom made

  • To be taken from crotch to floor with customer in socks or bare feet
  • To be taken from centre of crotch to middle of chest
  • Circumference around chest with arms at your side
  • Circumference around waist
  • Circumference around hips at the widest point
  • Circumference around thigh at 50mm below the crotch
  • Gumboot size UK